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CompStar® PAG Series


  • CompStar PAG Series is high performance refrigeration lubricant based polyalkylene glycol (PAG)

  • Suitable for all kinds of automotive air conditioning application, particularly good miscibility with R134a and wide operating temperature ranges

  • Excellent solubility and excellent stability with HCFC refrigerants


  • Perfectly suitable for application with the refrigerant R134a used in car and truck air conditioning systems

  • Synthetic refrigeration oil containing a special additive system. For stationary HFC/FC systems, also suitable for hydrocarbon and CO2 applications.

  • CompStar PAG Series is also developed for car air-conditioning systems with HFO-1234yf.


  • Good miscibility with HFC refrigerants such as R134a, improved compressor efficiency.

  • Greater lubricity to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance cost, High chemical stability to extend service life for reliability.

Typical Analysis

CompStar PAG Series EN.jpg
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