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CompStar® SK Series


  • CompStar SK Series is fully synthetic refrigeration oils based on chemically and thermally
    stable alkyl benzene

  • Excellent solubility and excellent stability with HCFC refrigerants.


  • Suitable for very low evaporation temperatures down to 60℃ - 80° C. Particularly good miscibility with HCFC refrigerants, such as R22

  • CompStar SK Series products are also recommended for use with Drop-In refrigerants (R402A/B, R401A/B, etc.)

  • CompStar SK series products are also suitable for the cylinder lubrication of heavy duty reciprocating air compressors (discharge temperature > 200 °C).


  • High chemical stability with refrigerants, low foaming tendency and excellent lubrication properties

  • Very good miscibility behavior with refrigerants allowing a good oil return to the compressor. (Particularly down to – 60 °C at the evaporator).

Typical Analysis

CompStar SK Series EN.jpg
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