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CompStar® Ester Series


  • CompStar Ester Series are synthetic polyol esters (POE) lubricants formulated specifically for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors with HFC refrigerants

  • These products provide effective wear protection for bearing surfaces, increased
    system life and improved efficiency, and are suitable for both initial fill and service fill

  • The combination of low temperature characteristic and unparalleled chemical and thermal stability enable the use of these products over wide operating temperature ranges


  • CompStar Ester products are perfectly suited for all refrigeration circuits in which chlorine-free refrigerants (HFCs / FCs),

  • Can be used in various compressors such as reciprocating, rotary, scroll, screw compressors

  • Comprehensive tests have been performed on the use of CompStar Ester products with new refrigerants designed to replace R22, such as R422A/D and R417A.


  • Superior wear protection for reliability

  • Chemical stability to extend service life, reducing maintenance costs

  • Great thermal stability, does not accumulate excessive carbon deposits at high temperature parts such as discharge valves

Typical Analysis

CompStar Ester Series 02 EN.jpg
CompStar Ester Series 01 EN.jpg
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